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Generators are required in planned events to address unplanned
power outages at mine sites, shipyards, production plants, and
other industrial sectors. UPR’s generators

Are commonly housed in a silent canopy or 20 feet ISO container.

Have standardised engines and alternators to achieve a high level of performance.

Are integrated with control systems to make operation simple; all different types of power requirements
could be managed with minimum training.

Have genset controllers that are made from well-established brands that are suitable for all industrial
applications like offshore, shipping, mining, manufacturing, and utilities.

Have integrated silencers that ease the need to install external units, which are unsightly and need
extra handling.

Are capable to deliver dual frequency output at 50Hz and 60Hz for a voltage range of 400V to 480V.

Scada Monitoring Sytem

For remote monitoring, UPR offers its unique off-site monitoring system to clients, which may be accessed
from locations miles away in another country.

Generators may be individually traced on their performance. Key parameters such as 3 phase ampere, busbar & line voltages,
PF, frequency, oil pressure, radiator temperature are tracked with recording for off-site retrieval analysis if necessary.


* Sound level recorded at 1m/50Hz in free field condition unless otherwise specified

Note: Specifications may change without prior notifications